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Correction dialogue en anglais

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7 Novembre 2011 21:59:39

Bonjour à tous !

J'ai un dialogue à faire en anglais mais j'aimerais si possible que quelqu'un m'indique les fautes ...parce que meme si j'ai fait tout mon possible pour que cela soit bien il y a des choses qui m'echappent.
Voila la dialogue :
C'est une conversation qui touche l'entreprise
- Good morning Miss Brown. I’m Lily Mc Beal. I called you last week. We have a meeting at 9 o’clock.

- Good morning Miss Mc Beal. Nice to meet you! I was waiting for you. Seat down please. So, how are you? The weather is not so good today, is it?

- Yes, it is not very pleasant and I think we need some good news to change our mood!

- You read in my mind! It is exactly what I wanted to talk about: I have a piece of good news for you: we discussed your proposal with our Board of directors and we came to an agreement - to collaborate with you!

- Yes, indeed it’s a good piece of news for me. But it’s good for you as well because becoming partners with me your turnover will certainly increase so both of us will turn out a profit of this affair! By the way you have a nice office!

- Thank you! That’s very nice of you! And now let’s get down to business! It is high time you told me how do you see our partnership?

- Hmm I will explain…In my childhood, my family and I used to eat ostrich’s eggs very often because we were living in Australia. However I noticed a few disadvantages, the biggest one is that it was too big and as a consequences wasn’t adapted to the shipment whereas hen’s eggs were too small and fragile. It was the first time I had imagined myself as a business woman. I was thinking about it for years. And two years ago, it was a Christmas time, when I was crossing the street, I saw your store full of chocolate eggs and it reminded me of my dream. So, experimentally, I decided to cross a hen and an ostrich. I know it was crazy but to my surprise it worked. I obtained a new species which I called “hestrich”, whose egg is bigger than the hen’s one and its shell is very resistant. So I have a hestrich husbandry. I propose you to extend your market with such an exclusive product.

- What an innovative idea! Do you have a sample of the egg so that I can estimate it on my own?

- Yes, of course. I brought it especially for you! It’s a present.
- (elle me le montre)…That’s amazing! Wow! I don’t usually say that, but I love it. I love your story! It’s really much bigger than the hen’s one. Therefore, as your product is new and exclusive we don’t need to do market research, which is a good point! As we are your first investors I hope to have “friendly prices”.

- It can be possible.

- I would like to discuss the conditions of our agreement. I simply want the situation to be clear for everybody: if we receive faulty eggs you will have to compensate the order or we will pay only for the eggs which are not damaged. If there is a delay of the delivery I think we are in right to expect a 10% discount. And I have a question: for example if I place an order today what is the deadline of the delivery?

- As requested, we will give you a 10% discount in case of the delay. And concerning the deadline of the delivery, as it’s a fresh product, unfortunately, we can make only a short-range forecast. So the production can be delivered regularly but in a little quantity.

- That is not a problem, it can be even great for the beginning because we can undertake tests to determine what should work for our client, taking little quantities of the product and placing them on the top of the shelves in all of our markets as a new brand called “ IRON EGG”

- I’m sorry to interrupt you but, before I forget , I want to precise that I don’t want to pass by the middleman, I prefer to adjust our business face to face.
- Good, I take your point. Regarding the advertising program, I think some chords to strike should be which are: HEALTH, ECONOMY and CONSERVATION. The problem is to win over a new audience and to change the traditional image of our stores. That’s why what I need is a thorough analysis of your product. I want to know everything about it.

- You can find the whole information on my website-- Have you already thought about posters and catch phrases for the billboard?

- Yes, I have a few ideas; how about: “KEEP FIT, SAVE MONEY WITH “IRON EGGS”; or as we all know, the two most powerful words we can use in a headline are “free” and “new” so, another possibility of the catch phrase is: “New brand which will change your life! Buy one hestrich egg and the second one is for free”. I think such ideas are very commercial. And we can also organize a series of conferences and debates on the nutrition. We can use posters, roadside signs, radio…

- I like your ideas. I let you do your work. If you have any queries on any matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I apologize but I have to go. I have another meeting. I will send you an order form by e-mail so that you can place your order; I have your business card.

- O’k, don’t bother! You can go. And, I will pay the installment in a fortnight, can you give me your banking coordinates please!

- Of course, here you are. It is a great pleasure to strike a bargain with such a professional woman.

- Thank you for your cooperation. Thanks to your crazy idea our company has a new partner and I think this partnership will be pleasant and profitable for both of us.

- I have the same feeling. We will arrange our next meeting by e-mail.

- I let you know when I am free

- Good, have a nice day, good bye!

- Thank you, have a nice day too, good bye!

Merci d'avance

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8 Novembre 2011 14:00:30

O’k, don’t bother! You can go. And, I will pay the installment in a fortnight, can you give me your banking coordinates please!

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